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Museum “Playa Girón”

This museum is devoted to the Cuban victory against the Bay of Pigs’ mercenary invasion financed by the United States’ government on April 1961. By several means, the most important facts, documents, testimonies, photos, occupied weapons, and other objects related to the invasion are exhibited there.

Address: Playa Girón, Ciénaga de Zapata

Museum to the Struggle of Ideas

It was inaugurated by Cuban President Fidel Castro in the Cardenas municipality, place of residence of the boy Elián González, who was subjected to a kidnap attempt by the far-right-wing Cuban mafia at Miami. The attempt was frustrated owing to the worldwide reaction in favor of the father’s request for the child. From that moment on, the so-called “struggle of ideas” began to take place on the island and its first steps are displayed in the museum.

Address: Avenida José Martí and Maceo, Cárdenas.

Pharmaceutical Museum

The museum was inaugurated in 1964 in the former Arms Square of Matanzas, in the same place where the so-called French drugstore was located in 1882. The museum exhibits collections of flasks of polychromatic porcelain, a prizewinner dispensary table (bronze medal in the Paris Exposition of 1900), together with implements used for the production of medicines.

Address: Milanés # 4951 between Santa Teresa and Ayuntamiento

Museum “Oscar María de Rojas”

It treasures the history of Cardenas, rightfully named “Flag City” due to the fact that it was the place where the national flag was displayed for the first time in 1850. Its attractions are complemented by collections devoted to natural sciences, weapons, arts, and other topics related to a territory where infinity of relevant facts took place.

Address: Calzada # 4, Cárdenas, Matanzas



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